“A”Kido – (Korea) “The way of adapting self to surroundings”

This style is very similar to Hapkido and it is believed that the two styles were once the same and at some point split off from each other.

Neither style includes sparring.

The Korean government recognizes and supports Tae Kwon Do and Judo as sports.

A different organization was deemed necessary and the government formed the Kido Association in 1963 to provide recognition and support for the 31 original styles of Korean martial arts.

Then, in 1966 the U.S. Headquarters for the Korea Kido Federation was established in San Francisco which unites all Korean martial arts taught by masters and instructors outside of Korea.

In order to understand the movements and techniques of Hapkido, Kido and other Korean martial arts one must study and practice the theories of Yu (flowing like water), Won (circular theory) and Hwa (non-resistance or harmony).

Also note some similarities to the Japanese style of Aikido.