1. To grow in the discipleship of Christ.
  2. To teach self-defense and improve physical conditioning.
  3. To improve self-discipline, moral character, and humility.
  4. To defend without hate or anger and without ego.


  1. Escape: (Talk, avoid, prevent, or run…) The ability to escape your attacker without any physical force and without causing a disabling injury.
  2. Control: (Talk, avoid, prevent…) The ability to escape your attacker’s grasp, punch, etc. and control them by use of pressure points, locks, pins, holds, etc. without causing a disabling injury.
  3. Defend: (Prevent, incapacitate…) The ability to defend yourself or family and incapacitate your attacker by use of necessary force, ONLY. THIS IS AN ACTION OF LAST RESORT!
  4. Zanshin: (Concern, awareness…) The ability to provide treatment for your partner(s) and/or the attacker(s) after the assault has been terminated, demonstrating a Good Samaritan example.


  1. Self Defense – Effort – Endurance
  2. Weight Control – Benevolence – Self Control
  3. Strength – Physical Conditioning – Flexibility
  4. Politeness – Sincerity – Self Discipline
  5. Muscle Tone – Coordination – Truthfulness
  6. Humility – Honor – Good Character
  7. Good Attitude – Kindness – Self Esteem
  8. Courage – Respect – Mental Awareness


  • Serious, yet at the same time fun and enjoyable.
  • Christ-centered conduct and speech are emphasized.
  • Safety is a priority.
  • Locations