Belt Tying: Click here for more help.

  1. Place one end of the belt (End #1) across your back facing your right side at waist height.
  2. Wrap the remainder of the belt around your waist clockwise overlapping on top of itself until End #2 comes around the front of your left side.
  3. Take End #2, from the bottom, up behind the overlapped belt so that it hangs over diagonally to the right.
  4. Reach behind your right side and slide End #1 down and out from under the overlapped belt and pull it around your left side to the front.
  5. Rotate the whole belt clockwise on your waist so that End #1 and End #2 are evenly draped from the front center of your waist. (End #2 over the top to the right, End #1 from underneath to the left.)
  6. Take End #1 (on the left) and flop it over to the right and lay End #2 (from the right) to the left on top of End #1.
  7. Take End #2 and loop it upward through the “hole” created by crossing the belt ends.
  8. Grab both ends and tug, tightening the knot. (HINT: As you look down, the right half of the knot will look like a “V” and the left half will look like a “C” wrapped around the point of the “V”.)